Widen Enterprises – Dear Dr. DAM: Is an on-demand digital asset …

Good choice for pursuing an on-demand digital asset management system. Widen will even help with the DAM system rollout with promotional materials geared up for rolling out a marketing software system to the sports and entertainment

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Content Management – Jargon to English Translation | Author-it Blog

DAMDigital Asset Management covers content and files of every type, including images, video and audio files, MS Office files, in fact just about anything that can be digitized. DAM usually refers to a hardware/software system that

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Ask Dr. DAM – Dear Dr. DAM: Brand Asset Management System to be …

Dear Dr. DAM: Brand Asset Management System to be the Marketing Hub. Posted Tuesday, November 18, 2008 by Dr. DAM. DEAR DR. DAM: I want a hosted digital asset management solution and I want it now. Sorry, for my candid nature,

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