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Trends: Cost of storage for ECM & DAM: Part 2

THE DIGITAL & MEDIA ASSET MANAGEMENT REPORT: 306 pages providing an overview of leading DAM products and DAM best practices, including 20 comparative evaluations of DAM vendors. …. volumes and costs are falling to the point whereby they are not worth worrying about, or that the buyer has previous experience with a web content management system, and assumes that as storage was a minor issue then, so it will be a minor issue with a full blown DAM or ECM implementations. …

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First Asset Management System to Integrate Digital Fingerprinting …

Constellation VCM is the first video asset management system to leverage next-generation enterprise tiered storagetechniques and is the first to include digital fingerprinting, to deliver a highly flexible, scalable storage and distribution system for a wide range of customers, from large-scale video rights holders to small production and post-production companies. The system easily conforms to the existing workflow of any organization. …. DAM Twitter Friends

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