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Reviewing digital asset management software « Creighton's Blog

I’ve been reading about various digital asset management (DAM) systems recently and decided it was time to try installing some software. There are a number of robust open-source digital library and digital asset management systems, … Islandora combines the Drupal and Fedora software applications to create a robust digital asset management system that can be used for any requirement where collaboration and digital data stewardship, for the short and long term, …

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Worldwide Digital Asset Management Software 2008/2012 Forecast …

The reality is that most of our clients don’t consider our web-based digital asset management system a “new spend.” They are reallocating budgeted dollars from other areas that DAM will free up resources or cost spending in.

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CEO of DPCI Given Leadership Role at Henry Stewart Symposium in …

On day two, Mr. Bachana will moderate an « Enterprise DAM Vendor Shoot Out, » which will include panelists from several digital asset management software vendors. Additionally, Bachana will have members of the DPCI team answer questions

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