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Take a journey back in time | Digital Asset Management

In the post,The CMS Word on the Tweet, he discusses the difficulty of finding “his world” on Twitter when seeking conversations centered around content management system. Jon even uses’s CMS Focus as an example for showing what he observes as a large divide between open source Web content management systems and propriety enterprise software. A divide that many of us may already recognize but haven’t quite put into words like Jon has. DAM Twitter Friends

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Niche mobile cms marketing platform | Digital Asset Management

A company called “Kyte” has filled this need with what they call an “end-to-end online and mobile solution” for distributing and monetizing digital content- primarily video. and works pretty well, and they announced a version called MySpeed which supports embedded Flash video. Continues @ Niche mobile cms marketing platform; Durable Mutation; History of the Internet; Brand Asset Management; DAM Intro; More video innovation

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